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Millet & Sorghum Project

Creating opportunities for poor farmers: Intensification of Sorghum and Millet Systems using local biodiversity and market opportunities in Semi-Arid West Africa.

Photo: de K. vom Brocke

This 3 year project, 2006-2009, has been initiated by ICRISAT, and implemented in sahelian and soudano-sahelian zones of 4 West-African countries: Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger et Nigeria. Its realization involves researchers from ICRISAT, CIRAD, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from five national agricultural research institutes: IER, INERA, INRAN, IAR and LCRI. Four national loan projects funded by IFAD are associated: PDRD and PICOFA in Burkina Faso,PPILDA in Niger and CBARDP in Nigeria and one farmer association in Mali, the UACT. Deliberately based on a participatory processes at every level of implementation, this project has 4 main components targeting the pearl millet and sorghum based cropping systems:

1.Participatory breeding

2.Enhancing the local seed system

3.Enhancing the system

4.Identify and test marketing options

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