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Root and Tuber Improvment and Marketing Programme



The Root and Tuber Improvement and Marketing Programme (RTIMP) is a follow-up to the Root and Tuber Improvement Programme (RTIP) which was implemented over 1999 to 2005. RTIMP is being sponsored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Ghana (GoG) for a period of 8 years (2007-2014). The programme, which became effective in November 2006, is expected to be implemented across 60 districts.

The RTIP aimed at developing the R&T subsector focused essentially on developing crop production through research and extension. Although RTIP achieved remarkable results, it became clear that a better balance between crop production and the development of downstream activities like processing and marketing was needed in order to assure that the farmers would reap the full advantages of higher yields and production. This led to the development and financing of the Root and Tuber Improvement and Marketing Programme (RTIMP).

Programme Goal

The goal of RTIMP is to enhance income and food security to improve livelihoods of the rural-poor and to build a market-based system to ensure profitability at all levels of the value chain.

The Purposes of RTIMP

The purposes of RTIMP are:

  • Enhanced market relations within the Root and Tuber commodity chain to ensure a “pull” factor for increased production; and to facilitate a better balancing of supply and demand.
  • Sustainable enhancement of farm level productivity of root and tuber crops (Cassava, Cocoyam, Yam, Sweetpotato, Persa (Frafra potato).
  • Improved root and tuber processing and marketing.
  • Increased access of the economically active poor to working capital and investment capital by promoting new target-group specific lending instruments.
  • Organizational development including the creation of an Apex Body for root and tuber commodity chain.
  • Information dissemination, education and communication campaigns.

Programme Components:

  • Component A: Support to increased commodity chain linkages
  • Component B: Support to Root and Tuber Production
  • Component C: Upgrading of Small-Scale R&T Processing, Business and Marketing Skills
  • Component D: Programme Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

Programme Financing

The total Programme investment is estimated at USD 27.80 million, with the following financial structure:

  • IFAD 69%,
  • Government of Ghana (GoG) 14%,
  • Partner Institutions and Leasing Company 14% and
  • Beneficiaries 3% (in kind).


Akwasi Adjei ADJEKUM
National Coordinator
P.O. Box KS 7728 Kumasi Ghana
Tel +233 51 33 159
Fax +233 51 25 835
Email :

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