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Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Project


General presentation

Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Project (PIWAMP) is a demand-driven project co-funded by the Government of The Gambia (GOTG), The African Development Bank (ADB) on behalf of the Nigeria Trust Fund and The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The design of PIWAMP was built on the successful experience of the concluded Lowland Agricultural Development Project (LADEP), its achievements, effects, impacts, as well as the strengths and shortcomings, as indicated in the Mid-Term Review (2002). The priority target group is the poor smallholders depended on traditional crops and lowland rice cultivation as their main source of livelihood. For lowland development, the primary target group are women whereas, for upland conservation farming, it is men, women and youths.

The project objectives are to increase land productivity and reduce soil erosion in a sustainable basis.

The project’s main expected outputs are:

  • Capacity of the institutions and the beneficiaries involved are enhanced;
  • communities are trained and empowered in natural resources management;
  • Production and productivity are increased in the project area on sustainable basis; and
  • Access to market infrastructure and inputs are improved.

The project is to operate across the entire country; Similar to LADEP as far as the lowlands is concerned, whiles expanding its intervention to the upland areas. The PIWAMP is expected to bring new communities from the upland many of which are thought to be poorer than the neighbouring lowland rice growing communities. Since water retention, upland conservation and swamp access works is undertaken on a community basis, all farmers in a site, including women and disadvantaged groups, are expected to benefit from project interventions. PIWAMP interventions therefore directly or indirectly benefit around 164,310 farm families.


To achieve the objectives, the project has the following three (3) components namely:


(8) Eight years (effective)

Loan Amount:

17.500.000 USD


Mr. Omar Jammeh
Ag.Project Coordinator
Koffi Annan Street Cape Point,
Bakau, The Gambia
Tel +220 449 78 97
Fax +220 449 78 96

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