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Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations

The Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) is pleased to present its ninth Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations (ARRI). The report draws on a larger number of project and country programme evaluations than any previous edition.

Profile of woman carrying bananas at the Gicakura Tea Farms in Cyangugu Province, Western Rwanda(Rural Small and Microenterprise Promotion Project - Phase II) The 2011 ARRI reveals that the performance of IFAD-financed operations is satisfactory in several evaluation criteria, such as relevance, gender and innovation. IFAD’s own performance as a partner has shown significant betterment over time. Benchmarking analysis concludes that performance of IFAD-supported projects is on the whole slightly better than the agriculture operations of selected multilateral development organizations.

At the same time, the performance in IFAD-supported projects across most evaluation criteria is only moderately satisfactory, and there is room for additional enhancements. In particular, performance remains relatively weaker in the efficiency of operations, and natural resources management and the environment. The performance of governments as partners in IFAD-supported projects has not improved much over the past decade. This is an area where IFAD could do more in the future by supporting governments in strengthening their policies, delivery systems and processes in the agriculture and rural sectors. Viet Nam - Rural Income Diversification Project in Tuyen Quang Province A rural woman working in a cottage workshop

Direct supervision and implementation support is the main learning theme of the 2011 ARRI. It was found that direct supervision and country presence are creating opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of IFAD-supported operations. The report underlines the importance of further reflection on the role of IFAD country offices in direct supervision and implementation support, with due attention to be given to training, clarification of responsibilities of all involved and grants supervision.

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Hard copies are available from the Independent Office of Evaluation. Send requests to: (For any technical questions or clarifications, contact us)

13 March 2012

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