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IFAD’s capacity to promote innovation and scaling up

Corporate-level evaluation of IFAD’s capacity to promote pro-poor innovation. Objectives: to assess the performance of the Fund in promoting innovations that can be scaled up and generate findings and recommendations for enhancing future IFAD activities in this area.

The evaluation and IFAD Management’s response thereto were discussed by the Evaluation Committee and the Executive Board at their respective sessions in April 2010.

The evaluation found that, since the mid-1990s, concerted efforts had been made to incorporate innovation into the Fund’s key policy and strategy documents. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of innovation, learning and scaling up as one of the six principles of engagement in the IFAD Strategic Framework for 2007-2010, and by the fact that, of the five organizations covered by the evaluation’s benchmarking study, IFAD was the only one to have a definition and stand-alone strategy for innovation. Nonetheless, the evaluation found that insufficient resources and attention had been allocated for the purpose of translating policy and strategy pronouncements into concrete action.

For instance, some recommendations generated by the first corporate-level evaluation on innovation, undertaken in 2000/2001, were never implemented, others only partially.

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29 September 2011

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