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IFAD’s Private-Sector Development and Partnership Strategy Corporate-level evaluation

The evaluation suggests that consideration of a new corporate private-sector strategy would be timely, and offers the following recommendations as inputs.

- Strengthen existing instruments to support private-sector development.
- Strengthen the design, supervision and implementation support of loan-funded projects that include private-sector development.
- Ensure that COSOPs coherently articulate how synergies will be established between investment operations and non-lending activities to support private-sector development at the country level.

Specific recommendations with regard to policy dialogue and partnerships are summarized below:

Policy dialogue. IFAD needs to:

  • use the COSOP formulation process to more systematically discuss opportunities and constraints for rural private-sector development and to promote a dialogue within the country on these issues;
  • work more closely with other MDBs to ensure that issues affecting private-sector development related to agriculture are on the agenda for dialogue with governments; and
  • use the grants programme more strategically to fill gaps in IFAD’s and the governments’ understanding of these issues and provide the analytical underpinnings for enhanced policy dialogue.

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4 August 2011

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