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Managing for development results: A focus on Africa


June 22, 2010 – The African Community of Practice on Managing for Development Results (AfCoP-MfDR) has just released its first casebook titled "Managing for Development Results: A Focus on Africa". The document embodies the commitment of the 1,200 AfCoP members who are striving to make their organizations more performance-oriented.

Innovative – This first edition of the AfCoP Casebook on MfDR innovates by taking full advantage of the AfCoP’s web platform. Four of the published cases were first developed through online discussions. Live South-South exchanges between AfCoP members fed these cases. The authors received feedback, questions, and suggestions on their topics. They posted presentations, maps of their projects and photos of their workplaces to bring life to their stories.

African contexts – The case studies make evident that ownership is instrumental in successfully accomplishing results. As this key aspect of every development effort is all too often lacking in African contexts, the authors provide concrete approaches to overcoming this issue through participatory processes and capacity building. They present methodologies to adapt to best achieve results on the ground and respond to African citizens’ expectations to see maximum value for the funds spent by their governments.

Authors – The case studies have been written by AfCoP members coming from nine different African countries. Their various background and perspectives give a great overview of the challenges of achieving results. Several of them are leading Monitoring & Evaluation departments, spearheading the planning of projects or working in the Budget unit in the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Readership – This publication is primarily created for results and public service practitioners. The case studies are tools to be adapted by managers for their own programs and needs. This publication will enhance readers’ understanding of the how to bring about change in their development organizations.

The AfCoP Casebook is available on the web at:

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- Visit the AfCoP’s platform at:
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27 July 2010

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