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Capitalisation of Experiences of Development Projects et Programmes: The Guide

FIDAfrique-IFADAfrica issued the « Methodological guide: Capitalisation and Enhancement of Expériences of Development Projets et Programmes ».

This guide is addressed to personnel of IFAD projects and programmes in West and Central Africa. It provides an approach that will assist them in the implementation of an internal reflection, experience and knowledge sharing process.

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The document and some of its participatory media could prove useful to cooperating institutions and IFAD officials when they engage in reflection, during supervision missions and/or those undertaken to prepare the Work Plan and Annual Budget (WPAB).

It perfectly fits into the strategy of IFADAfrica’s network consisting in devising an approach for IFAD projects and their partners, in order to help them to develop their own experience capitalization and exchange plans. While we agree that it is inspired by practices that have already been tested in other similar IFAD-supported projects in Latin America and Asia, we observe that it seeks to maintain a certain specificity in relation to sharing habits and practices which are typically cultural or due to poverty (oral character, illiteracy), and imbalanced access to a certain communication environment.

Finally, it is addressed to all projects and programmes which share the vision whereby sustainable development is a transformation process which takes place because different actors intervene. This means that knowledge has no value unless it is shared; knowledge can be acquired only through experiential learning, regardless of whether the experience is profitable or not.

- You can download the Guide (click this link)

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7 June 2010

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